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Φωτογραφία στο εξώφυλλο της συλλογής «Ποιήματα» του Ηλία Ευθυμιόπουλου (εκδ. ATHENS VOICE BOOKS)

Ηλίας Ευθυμιόπουλος «Ποιήματα»: Virtual Reality

«They can do anything, they emit rays, they become visible in a photo»
© Τασία Χρισσαϊτη
Διαβάστε το ποίημα «Virtual Reality» του Ηλία Ευθυμιόπουλου από το βιβλίο που κυκλοφορεί στις εκδόσεις ATHENS VOICE BOOKS


An electron is everywhere (or nowhere)  
Until it is observed  
These particles do not pre-exist their measurement  
They emerge from interactions, from the Nothing   
They interfere with themselves
Dwelling many places simultaneously 
Then, they disappear, again   
Because they are wave and particle together, in a lightfield  
Νeither particle neither wave alone  
When measured, they emerge from some invisible, empty space creating an  
ontological choreography of  beings - physical while remaining absent 
And in the making they defy representational world 
As postmodern fictional entities of existence and nonexistence 
Like Alice in Wonderland looking in the back of a mirror  
And seeing a whole world out there, instead of nothing, or a blank  
But they are there. Just as real as your nose 
They can do anything, they emit rays, they become visible in a photo  
Pushing the limits of commonsense  
Telling us the story of the universe’s evolution  
And as its initial symmetry was broken, particles acquired masses,  
atoms were formed, structures were composed,  
and then, us.  

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