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H Athens Voice μιλάει Αγγλικά

H Athens Voice μιλάει Αγγλικά

bestofathens.gr & bestofthessaloniki.gr

The editorial team behind ATHENS VOICE, the first and foremost free press of the Greek capital, now delivers ATHENS VOICE GUIDES, brand-new, online guides of Athens and Thessaloniki in English.

These new guides cater to all visitors’ and expats’ needs. Hotels, sightseeing, restaurants, bars, events, do’s and don’ts, the best kept secrets of the city, suggested activities and day trips, a guide to the famous Greek islands, they leave no stone unturned. A useful, indispensable tool for foreign visitors and expatriates.


Visit www.bestofathens.gr  www.bestofthessaloniki.gr

Check them out on your mobile. 



Print guides in english:

Athens city & islands guide


Τhessaloniki guide 


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